Anhalter-Film: gedämpfte Erwartungen

Ein Douglas-Adams-Biographist nimmt die wahrscheinlich eh deutlich zu hoch gesetzten Erwartungen an die im Mai erscheinende Verfilmung des Buches ‚Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis‚ zurück:

Rollerbob writes „MJ Simpson, who has ‚been studying and documenting the life and career of Douglas Adams for more than 20 years‘, has written a very in-depth review and plot analysis of the Hitchhiker’s movie. As well as the full review that contains SPOILERS , he has also published a shortened spoiler-free version, as well as a list of things from the radio plays, records, books and TV series that have not been included in the movie. Hitchhiker’s fans, prepare to be like Marvin… very depressed.“

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