Blue Screen für den Tod


„Death is a scary new experience to most people,“ said Mr. Reaper in a prepared statement. „We wanted to make it more modern, more definitive, and more user-friendly, by presenting it in a manner already familiar to millions of computer users across the globe.“

Um auf dem aktuellen Stand der Technik zu bleiben, lizensiert der Tod also die Blue-Screen-Technik vom Marktführer:

„The Blue Screen of Death first made its debut in Windows 3.1 in 1990,“ said Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, chairman and chief software architect. „Since then, we’ve poured millions of worker-hours into Microsoft Windows to keep it at the forefront of BSOD technology.“

Und wie es aussieht, wird die Sache auch für Microsoft eine gute Unterstützung des laufenden Betriebes:

Mr. Reaper’s Hell-based company will give Microsoft access to 20 percent of the souls whose corporeal existence was terminated using Microsoft technology. On their release from purgatory, it is expected that these souls will be put to work patching security holes in Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

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