Not worse than a photo

Not worse than a photo

Welcome to the Schatenseite, private Homepage of Ronald Schaten.

The name of the page is a cheap pun, based on my family name ‘Schaten’. In German, the word ‘Schattenseite’ (with double-t) means ‘shadow page’. With a single-t I consider it to be the ‘page of Schaten’. :-)

Being just a normal guy, I won’t elaborate much on this page. I am a programmer by trade, although my work consists mainly of system administration. Monitoring, and writing small scripts from time to time, in languages like Unix Shell, Perl, PHP or Python. I work almost exclusively on Unix-like systems, mainly on Linux. I’m a big fan of free software, some guys even call me evangelist.

I’m at home in Coesfeld, i a rural area called Stevede.

My other interests are obvious if you have a look at the blog.


I hope not to disturb anybody with the content of these pages. If you think that I should change anything, please drop me a message.